A trailer for Save the Village. I'm not a tour guide but I play one in this short film, made by the multi-talented Jason Ellis.

Two essays on the prestigious website LitHub (thanks to Corinne Segal): about writing Save the Village. About my love for my library branches.

A writing origin-story essay at Women Writers/Women's Books.

Compare Q&As! I tried to reveal new things in each one.

On Paulette Kennedy's website.

At the Washington Independent Review of Books (thanks to John Loonam)

At Booktrib (thanks to Susan Shapiro Barash)

And podcasts!

On "But I Digress," all about how writers manage their lives. (thanks to Michael Hickins).

On A Conspiracy of Lemurs, the podcast of my publisher Regal House, with publisher Jaynie Regal and fellow Regal House authors David R. Roth and Laraine Herring, on the subject of mortality in fiction.

I was also honored to be profiled on the Columbia School of the Arts website.

And Michelle (with 2 Ls) Herman and I compare notes and lives and styles in The Sun's newsletter.