From the Acknowledgement pages of published books.

I loved helping these authors every step of the way, from conception to organization to line editing.

“The very existence of this book means I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to many people, living and dead. Among them are… Michele Herman...”

Kathleen Flynn

The Jane Austen Project (novel, 2017)

“After decades of writing academic articles and books, I needed help learning to write a memoir. For their classes and tutorials I thank … and especially Michele Herman…”

Myra Strober

Sharing the Work (memoir, 2017)

“My thanks to Michele Herman, a gifted writing teacher and editor, who read and edited the manuscript for me.”

S. D. Turner

The Pleasure of Your Company (novel, 2015)

“Then I began to work with editors Michele Herman, who taught me so much about fiction writing…”

Nan Fink Gefen

Clear Lake (novel, 2013)

“So many friends helped in this long project, reading the manuscript and generously offering their expertise and advice. I owe all a debt of gratitude… especially Michele Herman of the Writers Studio.”

Deborah Clearman

Todos Santos (novel, 2010)