Unsolicited Feedback from Writers Studio Students

I teach beginning fiction and poetry in the online program of The Writers Studio. These thank-you emails from my students should give you a sense of how I teach:

What a great class today!  I'm feeling quite sad to have not signed up for next term... I will miss everything about being in your memoir class, but I will be back very soon. Thanks as always for all your teacherly gifts.


I am excited to keep growing with you!! This has been a huge weight lifted off my heart to try sharing my writing for the first time in such an easeful and encouraging environment. I really cherish all the feedback you have given me and am hopeful I will keep improving my skills with you this summer.


I just wanted to thank you again for another great term and for your fearless guidance.  I appreciate everything you do and will be taking another memoir class in the near future.


This is my first creative writing course, and after a year+ of banging my head against a wall trying to write fiction, I feel I've already learned something after just one week.


I wanted to tell you that over the last year of writing I have returned again and again to the excellent exercises you set for our class. I always say a silent thank you in my head for that semester of fruitful work.


I realized (with even more clarity) how much I adored your class and you as a teacher. I kept referring back to assignments you had given or something in your critiques that had helped me grow or expand. I was like a kid talking with pride and nostalgia about her mom's cooking. :) You created a combination of tough challenge (bootcamp tough at times!!!) and safety (warmth, positivity) that helped me grow as a writer and writer-reader in ways I could not imagine. I am truly grateful for your leadership, holding, prodding, gentle pushing, and teaching.


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