Unsolicited Feedback from Writers Studio Students

I teach beginning fiction and poetry in the online program of The Writers Studio. These thank-you emails from my students should give you a sense of how I teach:

I have so enjoyed these past 2 sessions.  I haven’t really taken any writing classes ever, so I have nothing to compare this to, but really the experience has been life altering for me.  I am incredibly grateful to have happened into your wise and gentle tutelage!


I wanted to tell you that over the last year of writing I have returned again and again to the excellent exercises you set for our class. I always say a silent thank you in my head for that semester of fruitful work.


I realized (with even more clarity) how much I adored your class and you as a teacher. I kept referring back to assignments you had given or something in your critiques that had helped me grow or expand. I was like a kid talking with pride and nostalgia about her mom’s cooking. :)
You created a combination of tough challenge (bootcamp tough at times!!!) and safety (warmth, positivity) that helped me grow as a writer and writer-reader in ways I could not imagine. I am truly grateful for your leadership, holding, prodding, gentle pushing, and teaching.


Michele, You have such a unique ability to see where I was coming from and know how to approach my works so I could learn.  That is extraordinary attunement and provided me necessary trust in this process.  That is more than a gift, it is a period of grace in my life that has opened a world of expression for me.  How truly special a mentor you are.


It never in my life occurred to me that I’d be doing anything like this, or how much I’d enjoy it. It’s given structure to my life, and a purpose. Thanks to your guidance, gentle criticism and encouragement.