Unsolicited Feedback from Writers Studio Students

I teach beginning fiction and poetry in the online program of The Writers Studio. These thank-you emails from my students should give you a sense of how I teach:

You read with such depth of understanding, and your comments are helpful, I think, to us all and not only to the person whose work you’re addressing. If you’re not a born teacher, then you’re certainly an impressively well-made one!


Hey Michele, I actually got into the Squaw Valley’s Writer’s Workshop (applied three times before, if you can believe that!).  Not only did you help me pick out the submissions, but you kept (and keep) challenging me as a writer, and hold me to a level of intellectual honesty that no writing teacher has ever done before.


I also wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your thoughtful assignments and critiques during these last two sessions. During the winter class, when I was scared to death for anyone to read anything I had written, your kind and encouraging critiques were what kept me going. Thank you!!


This is the first time I have ever taken a writing class or let anyone else read my writing.  I always imagined I would feel crushed if I exposed myself.  But actually this class has made me feel so much more secure about my skills and it’s been very liberating. I am trying to say thank you; you’re a great teacher (kind, gentle, wise); I love your class.


Taking part in your class has made me aware of these essential elements of storytelling.  They will stay with me whenever I read or write.  Thank you for that. And for all your pearls of wisdom.

All the best,