Unsolicited Feedback from Writers Studio Students

I teach beginning fiction and poetry in the online program of The Writers Studio. These thank-you emails from my students should give you a sense of how I teach:

Thank you for your careful reading of my submissions and for your encouragement. I half dread reading critiques, it’s almost like morbid curiosity on my part, but I am always surprised by your even handed treatment and patience.


I am set to begin a master’s degree in creative writing, so I need to start concentrating on that.  This workshop was exactly what I needed as a prerequisite.  It has boosted my confidence, revealed many weaknesses that can now be worked on, and let me meet women from all over, which I found very thrilling.  Being a teacher can feel very isolating sometimes, so interaction with everyone else in the class was spectacular for me.  I learned an incredible amount from you and appreciate all your words and lessons very much.


Thank you so much for your help and encouragement.  I started out unsure if this was something I would pursue and I have a lot more confidence and enthusiasm than I did six months ago.  I enjoyed the class and I think I learned more than I ever anticipated. Thanks for everything.


I have truly loved your class, your teaching style, your choice of poems and short stories. By the way, I have taken gotham’s advanced poetry and playwriting previously, but the level of student writing in your class has greatly surpassed what I have experienced thus far.


I must say I am so sad to be finished working with you after this class.  You’ve been tremendous and I’ve learned a ton, so thank you.  I hope there is some way I can work with you again.