Unsolicited Feedback from Writers Studio Students

I teach beginning fiction and poetry in the online program of The Writers Studio. These thank-you emails from my students should give you a sense of how I teach:

Dear Michele,

Just wanted to thank you for your helpful comments today and also for being such a great teacher, pushing me to think critically about and improve my writing. I got a lot out of this class and I hope I get a chance to work with you at some stage again. I will miss you and the others in the class!



I've really appreciated your insight, wit and intelligence over the last few months. A couple of the other students and I have lamented over having to leave your class. I just really feel grateful to have stumbled upon a teacher who can communicate in such a meaningful way, and in a manner that suits my needs.


I wanted to thank you once again for an extraordinary two semesters of writing classes. I am so glad that I took the risk and began taking these classes and that you were my teacher. I have learned an amazing amount.


I want to thank you for your kind encouragement and nimble responsiveness to my emails over the past months. With enormous fondness, gratitude and admiration,


I can't thank you enough. I learned a lot in your class and appreciated your honest assessments, plus your delicate but firm touch. You treated each of us as individuals and it showed in every one of your critiques. That made all the difference. Again, many thanks to you, Michele.


Thank you for your careful reading of my submissions and for your encouragement. I half dread reading critiques, it's almost like morbid curiosity on my part, but I am always surprised by your even handed treatment and patience.